Note: All Cigar Packaging is PSA Compliant


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PDR Cigars being manufactured in Tamboril Dominican Republic, utilizes a special technique for rolling called "Entubado", which includes a certain way of bunching the filler tobacco


Go Grabba offers premium hand-rolled cigars crafted with care and precision. Enjoy unparalleled quality and flavor with our Red Rose and Red Herring blends, each puff showcasing the mastery of seasoned artisans.


Palio stands as a beacon of quality as well as innovation in the cigar accessories universe. Each product crafted with precision for discerning cigar enthusiasts.


Victor Sinclair cigars are a high-quality and affordable line of handmades made in Dominican Republic, that deliver a variety of blends and sizes to choQose from.


Experience premium quality with Go Fronto's Red Rose long filler cigars, crafted with care for exceptional flavor. Elevate your smoking pleasure with the robust, naturally smoky Red Herring blend.


Xikar carries an array of premium cigar lighters designed with a number of features to offer to the diverse prefernces and needs of cigar lovers.